Our Vision 
The Oakley School curriculum equips pupils for their lives today and prepares them for the future. It promotes and develops the qualities of kindness, confidence, and resilience, and empowers all pupils to be the best they can be. 
Curriculum Aims: 
• To equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding which enable them to understand the world they live in and participate actively and positively in wider society 
• To enable pupils to reach and exceed age-related expectations to provide them with the best foundation for the next stage in their education 
• To enable pupils to leave school with the academic qualifications which best support them to achieve their future aspirations 
• To promote a love of learning through a range of memorable experiences both within and outside of the curriculum 
• To enable pupils to utilise a wide range of skills to equip them for a technologically rich world 
• To instil in pupils the fundamental British values and global virtues of democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty and freedom; mutual respect; and tolerance and acceptance of different faiths and beliefs


The aim of assessment at Oakley School is to provide information to teachers, pupils and their parents/carers about what a pupil has and has not learnt.  We carefully map our expectations of pupils' learning across their time at school and regularly assess their progress towards meeting these expectations.  Regular feedback is provided to pupils to help them understand how to build on their strengths and address areas of improvement.

At Key Stage 3, teachers will report to pupils and their parents/carers at the end of term on the progress that a pupil is making towards securing the expected learning.  They will also provide information on what the next step would be for a pupil to make even more progress.

At Key Stage 4, teachers will report on a pupil's likely outcome at the end of the qualifications they are undertaking.