Extra Curricular Activity

The Oakley School Curriculum equips students for their lives today and prepares them for the future. It promotes and develops the qualities of kindness, confidence and resilience, and empowers all pupils to be the best they can be. 

We recognise that nurturing pupils’ passions and interests is the key to them becoming the best that they can be. 

Our pupils have a varied list of options to engage in before, after, and during school. Our Extra-Curricular Activities include options aimed at bolstering all our pupils’ confidence, providing further choices to engage in community service, to build skills for life, to explore specific career-related programmes and to be creative or active. 

We also encourage our pupils to design, promote and run their own clubs, nurturing their trust in us and actively encouraging them to hold responsibility for their choices in education. Secure in the knowledge that Oakley School advocates for their individual interests, our pupils are happy and motivated to learn.

Coming Soon: Autumn Term Extra-Curricular Programme