Success Stories


  • "Our son, was at Oakley for a year. It changed his life and our family’s as well. He is now a fabulous almost-adult graduating from his home high school and off to university in the fall. We couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences and wisdom he gained at Oakley."

    - -Oakley Parent

  • "I had never really gotten so much support in my life before. Academically and therapeutically. And a lot of the things I experienced here I never would have otherwise. I got to go to Ghana to volunteer, which completely changed my life for the better. I got to try snowboarding for the first time. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss Oakley. I have made some really, really great relationships with the staff here."

    - --Oakley Alumni

  • "I am pleased to report that our son is doing well and is on track to graduate from college. Our son’s success is only part of the story. Our once fractured family learned the skills needed to approach our challenges thoughtfully and solve problems successfully. We learned those skills through the therapeutic intervention allowed us while our son was enrolled in the Oakley program.

    Personally, the greatest success is reflected in my relationship with my son. I’ve let go, and in letting go he came back. I am much more aware of my easily triggered anxiety and how that anxiety interferes with my relationship with him. He learned to accept my challenges and be patient with me. It’s a success story. However, we worked hard to achieve that success. We continue to work through our differences. We experienced excellent therapeutic intervention.

    Our son has a fuller life. He developed interests while at Oakley which continue to enrich his young adult life. He developed a self-esteem which allows him to reach out to people and take the risks involved in establishing friendships. He is self confident, sometimes overly so. Our son is a member of his college’s cross country team. He learned how to be a team member while competing on the Oakley team. He lives in a house with six other guys. Dorm life helped him learn the skills needed to make that work.

    Our son is an English Major and his specialty seems to be Renaissance poetry. He thinks about becoming a teacher. His academic experience while at Oakley ignited his intellect and he recognized he is a capable scholar. The academic program he experienced while at Oakley was excellent. If he chooses to try teaching, I am sure the teaching methods he experienced while a student at Oakley will be a model he will incorporate into his teaching methodology.

    There are times when I remember writing those checks at the end of the month and I gasp. However, I am grateful I was able to provide this experience for my son. Without the help we received while at Oakley, we would not be enjoying the wholeness we are experiencing now.

    If my story can help another parent, please do not hesitate to refer to it. Please share this good news with our son’s teachers, staff and therapists."

    - -Oakley Parent

  • "Thanks again for all your support in giving our son a chance at Oakley. Oakley will always be very near and dear to our hearts. How fortunate we are to have had such a wonderful experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It’s helped bring our boy back!"

    - -Oakley Parent

  • "Our daughter is doing well as a sophomore at college majoring in English and possibly as a pre-law student. Senor Young might be happy to know she is still studying Spanish and Modern Greek and is an excellent student. She is working for a second summer at her dad’s law firm, but was actually hired by someone else and works for other attorneys in commercial and real estate with a lot of responsibility at the office and at the courthouse."

    - -Oakley Parent

  • "Our son, is doing great. He is spending the summer studying natural history, ecology and conservation in Alaska. He is at the University of Montana, is ahead of schedule toward graduation, and is excited about his future. I couldn’t be more proud of him; I’m grateful to Oakley School for the support and guidance along the way. Our son is now grateful to Oakley although that was slower coming!"

    - -Oakley Parent

  • "To all at Oakley:

    During this holiday season, I thought about what I could or should do to show my appreciation for everyone at the Oakley School. I admit, the thought of sending a very large cookie platter did cross my mind. But, it would be just another cookie platter...

    So, instead of cookies, I am sending kudos...

    Kudos to each and every one of you for:

    - dedicating your lives to helping kids like my kiddo

    - caring on so many levels

    - treating my son as if he was your own

    - helping my son understand right from wrong

    - educating my kiddo in so many different ways

    - understanding his needs

    - providing support, wisdom, and guidance to the whole family

    - me

    - letting me vent

    - showing my son the great outdoors

    - keeping him healthy, physically and mentally

    - helping him get accepted to so many colleges (wow!)

    - guiding him in the right direction

    - being there for him

    - being part of our family

    - being you

    Thank you...each and every one of you...for all you do. Thank you Oakley!

    God bless, Happy New Year to you and yours, and have a wonderful New Year!"

    - -Oakley Parent

  • "I am forever grateful to The Oakley School for providing the environment so that my daughter could turn her life round. She is a 07′ graduate from college."

    - -Oakley Parent

  • "I’m happy to tell you that our son finished a very strong freshman year at college. He seems genuinely happy, kinder, more thoughtful, and our family relationship is good. This summer he’s doing a graphic design internship and planning to work with a former art teacher to put together a portfolio. It looks like he wants to major in graphic design. We count our blessings. Often."

    - -Oakley Parent


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