All students can benefit from the personal growth available in a supportive context. At the Oakley School, students claim the power of their emotions and learn to exercise intuition, creating balance with the analytical and reasonable aspects of themselves. They learn to be sensitive to their own needs and to the emotions of others, as well. By creating an environment of caring and healing, we empower students to build their own enduring success through education, choices, challenges, and relationships.

Therapy is integrated daily and weekly into each student’s time at Oakley.

  • Individualized, strategic counseling is required on an ongoing basis to assist students in taking full advantage of all elements of the Oakley program. Students are required to sign up for a minimum of four individualized therapeutic sessions per month (or more when needed) and check in weekly with their therapist.
  • Family Therapy is scheduled weekly with the parents, therapist and student, and is held via telephone conference calls.
  • Group Therapy is scheduled several days per week, broken into small school-wide focus groups, dorm-specific groups, and gender-specific groups.
  • Recovery Group is built into the class schedule for students in need of recovery support. In addition to group meetings, students can meet individually with the Recovery Counselor. On campus 12-Step meetings are offered weekly, and students are also given the opportunity to attend 12-Step meetings off campus in the local community. A student in recovery typically attends a minimum of one Recovery group and one 12-Step meeting weekly with the option to go off campus weekly.

Every evening, prior to lights out, each dorm comes together for Sun-Down. These gatherings are designed to do a soft check in with each student and to address personal and living environment concerns that naturally arise with our students and dorm life.

Our professionally certified counselors holding master’s or doctorate degrees are an important catalyst for Oakley’s cohesive therapeutic plan. Through these support services, students learn to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Specific Types of Therapy
Family Involvement
Transition Services

Specific Types of Therapy

Types of therapy that help our students: Solution focused, strategic and strength-based models allow for students to appropriately individuate from the family system. By design, these models tap into their newly found skill set to navigate some of the age appropriate, normative stressors they might be experiencing.

The Oakley Difference is our unique process. Our successful therapeutic approach called The Oakley Social Model, uses autonomy as a therapeutic tool.

We believe it is healthy and necessary for students to have room to make choices that pertain to their daily lives. Navigating through both good choices and bad choices, students can begin to internalize their ownership of what they really need each day. We use structure and natural consequences to help guide students in the decision making process, and ultimately our students leave Oakley with a healthy understanding of how their own choices directly relate to consequences and outcomes.

Oakley School simulates real life, giving our students more autonomy to make choices, and the support to explore and adjust with each choice they make. They have the ability to make choices about the friends they spend time with here at Oakley, who they contact at home when they earn their phone calls, how to adhere to our dress code, their commitment to sobriety, how they will accomplish their schoolwork, and so on.

Our role is to guide and redirect each student, and influence and model appropriate behavior and choices in a way that is proactive and positive for each student’s path while with us at Oakley.

Our program components are well integrated, and our staff observes, communicates, and reacts in quick, appropriate ways to identify the choices made by a student. Our families are involved in the process and coached in methods of supporting their son or daughter to learn from each lesson as they prepare for the challenges of young adulthood and their first year of college.

We feel it is necessary to allow our students to show us what they really need. We understand this model can be anxiety-provoking for our parents and families. We address this by creating a partnership with our parents; we create an atmosphere of real life choices, life preparation, and long-term internalization and growth within our students and our families.

The Oakley School experience is broken down into four main cornerstones of focus --Academics, Student Life, Therapy, and Experiential Education. Each cornerstone is a stand-alone program, designed for excellence, balance, and a rigorous opportunity for each of our students to stretch and grow. Yet, when combined, these four cornerstones provide a balanced approach to life – a life that can continue to grow long after Oakley.

All students can benefit from the personal growth available in a supportive context. At the Oakley School, students claim the power of their emotions and learn to exercise intuition, creating balance with the analytical and reasonable aspects of themselves. They learn to be sensitive to their own needs and to the emotions of others, as well.

Family Involvement

Oakley believes that true change can only occur and be maintained in the context of family. In partnership with parents, we are able to successfully create an atmosphere of real life choices, life preparation, and long-term independence and growth within our students and our families. We are not a school that isolates the child from the family. On the contrary, we encourage healthy parent-child interactions, and are committed to providing a wide variety of programs and events designed to help create positive changes in the patterns and behaviors that may have previously proven to be problematic.

We provide the following methods to maintain ongoing contact between students and parents:

● Initial orientation meeting at enrollment with the therapist assigned to your student to answer questions and solidify the relationship between your family and Oakley staff.

● Weekly student and family therapy sessions via video or phone conferencing unless the family is in town.

● Consistent communication between parents and house coaches, therapist, educators, module instructors and administrators.

● On-campus family workshops offered four times a year from Thursday through Saturday afternoon.

● On-campus specialty workshops focusing on specific clinical issues, such as adoption, depression and computer addiction.

● Therapeutically driven home and local visits with students and parents.

● Website courses and online status reports of student progress.

We invite families to visit as much as possible, attend family workshops, fully participate in the family therapy required and support students in taking meaningful, healthy risks. The Oakley staff is available to facilitate communication and to provide information as needed.

Parents are also invited to join in the many educational, recreational and social activities offered to students. Parents can schedule visits during the weekends, and participate in experiential education modules with their son or daughter. Local, regional, and international service projects coordinated through the Oakley School give parents a rare opportunity to serve alongside their sons and daughters as they strive to make a difference in the world.

For an Oakley student to truly be successful, parents must work in partnership with the school. It is virtually impossible for a child to prosper without emotional support from parents. Successful students have parents who consistently send the message “we love you,” “we care for you,” and “we trust you to solve the problems you may have created for yourself.”

While your child attends Oakley School, you can follow his or her progress through our secure Parent Portal website. We update this site regularly with photographs and other information about your child as well as provide resources to parents of students enrolled at Oakley.


Where Healing Comes Home

When your son or daughter is ready to transition home, we can be there every step of the way. Oakley's HomeWorks packages provide you with many options for the most successful transition. The alumni fee paid at admission covers our basic Coaching Package. At admission your family pays a fee for Transition Services, this includes our basic Support Package, however, there are other services offered that may provide the additional support your family needs. Our different transition packages include:

HomeWorks Standard Package Includes:

In-Home Visit: Most families utilize a two day home visit around their 2nd or 3rd pass or just following their son/ daughters program completion. An In-Home Visit is customized to your family's needs and may include: job and/or volunteer search, meetings with home therapist, meetings with school teachers, formalizing structure in the home, family and individual coaching sessions, work around trauma and/or recover, and meetings with peers and other positive supports in your community.

Coaching: You will have twelve hours of telephone coaching to use during your first three months after transition in any combination of individual, couple, or family sessions.

Support Line: Our support line is available between schedule coaching sessions for those extra moments when you need extra support or reassurance that you are on the right track.

Monthly Parent Transition Support Group: These conference calls provide an opportunity to ask questions, problem solve and share experiences with other parents. These are available twelve months post-discharge.

Monthly Student Transition Support Group: These calls provide an opportunity for current and alumni students to discuss their transition challenges, get support, and learn skills that will help them effectively navigate transitions. Also available twelve months post- discharge.

HomeWorks Support Package Includes:

Support during your son/ daughter's home pass or after treatment is complete will be an important step in building a successful transition. This package provides all the benefits of the HomeWorks Standard Package without the three months of coaching sessions.

HomeWorks Coaching Package Includes:

Oakley's commitment to Transition Support starts at this basic level. Whether returning home or starting college family members can take advantage of 12 hours of coaching sessions and access to the support line for the first 3 months post-discharge. In addition, parents and their son/daughter have access to 12 months of support groups. This package includes access to all of the services of the Standard Package but without the benefits of an In-Home Visit.

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