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Oakley’s rich student life program is led by caring, professional staff members who encourage students to make positive change through healthy choices. Our staff incorporate a teaching model designed to meet the student wherever he or she may be within the phases of change. Over time and with guidance, students learn to make more consistent positive choices, and as a result, they earn more freedom to self-govern and practice the life skills, which will serve them well in college and the real world beyond Oakley.

Students at Oakley live in single-gender dormitories led by experienced and professional house coaches. Through group therapy sessions, nightly sundown check-ins, and on and off-campus dorm activities, students develop close friendships and bonds, which lead to supportive peer relationships during their time at Oakley and even after they graduate.

The Student Life component of Oakley is arguably the most influential piece in preparing students for life in college and beyond. They learn how to communicate with roommates, healthy ways to resolve conflicts with peers, how to manage their time effectively, and how the choices they make result in consequences, both good and bad. The maturity and insight that results from a structured student life experience proves invaluable for our students as they enter young adulthood after graduating Oakley.

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A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

The Oakley School is unlike traditional boarding schools. We aim to provide students with a healthy balance between education and experience.

A typical day at Oakley could include anything from a hands-on physics lab to a cross-country meet against a rival school. When students aren’t working in the classroom or working on themselves in a therapy, they can often be found exploring the surrounding community –whether skiing, white water rafting, volunteering, or on a dorm activity to Park City for pizza and burgers. Our students stay busy but learn to manage their academic and therapeutic obligations with a balance of physical activity, community service, and fun social outings. This helps them learn time management and healthy habits, which they take with them long after they graduate from Oakley.

All students maintain a similar schedule, in that their time is generally structured the same way. Students attend classes Monday through Friday, and enjoy off-campus modules and activities such as going to the movies or going as a group out to dinner.

During each weekday after waking up and completing their daily dorm chore, they eat breakfast together in the dining hall, and spend the day in classes and study hall. Depending on the day, a student may have an individual or family session with his or her primary therapist. Once school ends at 3:30, students will either head to group therapy or academic advisory, depending on their schedule.

Students participate in some sort of physical activity every day once their school and therapy responsibilities are concluded. Whether they are at swim practice with swim team or playing ice hockey on our pond, we mandate that our students get physical exercise each day. The day winds down with dinner, some free time in the dorm, and a sun-down check in to get a sense of how their day was and if anyone has issues or concerns.


Oakley students find empowerment and engagement through involvement in various clubs. Student government provides the student body with a voice and the ability to plan activities like prom, and Ambassadors Club allows members to show off their school to visiting families and professionals. Additionally, students use clubs as a way to participate in various interests like golf, yearbook, or cheerleading.

Student clubs bring powerful change to the school both programmatically and within the culture of the milieu. Moreover, club members gain valuable leadership and communication skills by participating.


Oakley’s athletic program exposes students to a competitive experience, allowing them to gain competency, and more importantly, to teach the value of teamwork and to have fun.

Interscholastic athletics are part of Oakley School's multidisciplinary approach to creating positive change in students' lives. We compete against other schools in the Utah High School Athletic Association (UHSAA) at the 1-A or 2-A level (depending on the sport).

All students are asked to participate in at least 1 UHSAA sanctioned sport/activity during their time at Oakley. We offer a choice of competitive individual or team options per season and ask all students to participate in a minimum of one team per academic year. Students have the choice to run track or cross country, compete on our debate team, or swim.

The goals of Oakley athletics are to promote fitness, teamwork, camaraderie, and skill improvement in a fun and supportive environment. Oakley’s athletic program exposes students to a competitive experience, allowing them to gain competency in a sport, and more importantly, to teach the value of teamwork and have fun.

We understand that athletes come to Oakley with all levels of experience and skill. Our teams have had former state champions as well as complete beginners. Our practices vary by ability level to ensure that each athlete is given the appropriate level of instruction and challenge.

"Success" in athletics is measured in many ways, certainly well beyond just places and wins/losses. Our goal is for every athlete to have a positive experience, whether by improving their fitness, gaining self-confidence, or rediscovering a passion for athletics. A few years ago, an Oakley swimmer said it best when she completed the season, "thank you for helping me love the sport again!"

Oakley School's UHSAA sanctioned sports/activities

Fall: Coed Cross Country
Winter: Coed Swimming and coed Speech/Debate
Spring: Coed Track/Field

Other sports may be added in the future depending on enrollment and interest.

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