Milestone Program

At the Oakley School, we’ve realized that by taking a different approach and putting more emphasis on long-term life skills we will get students ready for their future. These bright young men and women are ready and willing to be active participants in creating the road map to their success. We believe in using an approach that is less behaviorally focused and instead focuses on insight-driven achievement.

Our goal is to make sure through this process that our students can discover their full potential and learn to focus on what they need to reach that potential. We’re excited to join our students and their families in this process, so let’s get started!

Oakley Therapeutic Boarding School: Orientation Phase

The Orientation phase is where our students begin their journey at the Oakley School. This is intended to be a short time spent getting to know each other. During this time, we help our students get familiar with our program, the academic expectations, and the schedules and routines. Each student starts to work to define their goals, values and personal mission statement.

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Oakley Therapeutic Boarding School: Anchor Phase

As our students transition to this step, they’ll be required to commit to creating a roadmap for success. Their parents join them in the commitment to this process of insight and growth.

As a teenager, it can be difficult to envision the next 8 months, let alone the next 5 years. Our staff and therapists work with each student to guide them as they create this roadmap.

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Oakley Therapeutic Boarding School: Discover Phase

The Discover Phase is about the internal work that our students need to do in order to be ready to tackle the BIG ROCKS in their roadmap. This internal work is critical and foundational to each student’s journey.

This phase is where some of the hard work really starts for the students. Internal work that leads to prioritizing, what really needs to come first.

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Oakley Therapeutic Boarding School: Exploration Phase

The Explore Phase is where our students start to look outside themselves to be sure they have assembled their dream team. It is a time to work on relationships. Each student learns that healthy relationships and meaningful connections are the best part of being alive.

During this phase, our students focus on using all that they’ve learned about themselves on previous phases. They start to apply these lessons to their most important relationships and decisions.

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Oakley Therapeutic Boarding School: Ascent Phase

On the Ascent Phase, our students have an opportunity to practice all the things they’ve already learned. This is the time to make sure they have what they need to succeed. It’s the time to take action and continue to tackle the objectives they’ve set for themselves.

We ask our students to define how they will combine all that they’ve done and learned to create the life that they want. During the next two phases, each student will work with their dream team to put the polish on all the things they’ve learned. It is a time of practice and preparation!

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Oakley Therapeutic Boarding School: Ascent Phase

The best way to truly know something is to show someone else! Our students have done a lot of great things and found out so much about who they are and what they want. They’ve also figured out how to get their needs met along the way. Now, we will ask them to spend some time teaching the newer members of our community some of the great lessons they’ve learned.

The Guide Phase is also a great time to practice living a balanced life. While our students are focused on guiding their peers, we ask that they also spend time taking good care of themselves. As Mother Teresa said, “To keep the lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.”

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Oakley Therapeutic Boarding School: Traverse Phase

The best part about this phase of the program is that it’s about our students…they build it, they define success, they ask for support from their team and we deliver. Together, in synergy, we help each student prepare for whatever is next in their life.

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Oakley Therapeutic Boarding School: Milestone Program Overview

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