Since 1998 Oakley has been offering a challenging college preparatory curriculum that is delivered in an innovative and engaging manner emphasizing student success and the development of a lifelong love of learning. Recognizing that each student has unique needs, our program is intentionally designed to be very academically rigorous in order to stimulate our exceptionally bright students and provide support as needed for our students.

In many ways, academics at Oakley may look and feel like a traditional boarding school, yet our individualized support systems take our students steps further towards college preparedness. Our classes demand engagement and involvement, and our passionate teachers provide unwavering guidance and support.

Here, students learn accountability. Through our required Academic Readiness course, we teach them how to stay organized, note taking and reading strategies, time and self-management skills, and methods to succeed on tests and long-term academic projects.

We explain other critical factors for achieving personal success, including motivation, nutrition, and how to work with challenges like learning disabilities, ADHD, and manage stress. Academic Readiness gives students the tools to succeed at Oakley, in college and life in general.

College Prep
College Counseling
Academic Advising
Special Needs

College Prep

The Oakley School provides a full range of academic courses for students, and students receive individualized academic support as needed. Our challenging curriculum, which includes foreign language and technology classes, helps students keep pace with the rapidly changing global community.

But we know that college preparation requires more than just class offerings or subject matter. We place a high value on social and emotional preparation for college. Our teachers and academic advisors form one-on-one relationships with each student, nurturing their strengths and helping them understand and counteract their weaknesses.

Our cutting edge classroom technologies play a major role in preparing students for college. For example, students and teachers work together in a Google Classroom setting, using technology to collaborate and streamline their processes. Students complete their work and stay organized with assignments on Chromebook computers, while our faculty use a Teacher Dashboard to share files and screens to teach students how to collaborate in the classroom.

When combined, Oakley’s individualized support, classroom technologies, and unique approach to learning creates an engaging classroom environment. Oakley School develops independent life-long learners who are not just prepared to go to college, but to succeed there...and beyond.

College Counseling

The Oakley School offers comprehensive yearlong college counseling services for our students. Our focus is to continue to educate and empower the ideal of autonomy and personal responsibility as we guide our students to a post-high school education search that fits the individual student both academically and socially.

Our college counselor offers the following assistance and guidance for our seniors:
▪ Assistance with college research and college list development
▪ Evaluation of personal strengths and areas in need of development for effective college admission (academics, testing, leadership, etc.)
▪ Assistance in accessing, completion and review of college or university applications
▪ Essay development and review
▪ Interview preparation as needed
▪ Financial Aid and Scholarship search as needed
▪ Assistance with evaluation for final enrollment decision

During the fall, our seniors focus on list development, college research, and their applications. In the spring, after applications are due, seniors begin to work on their independent living skills and transition goals for college. Juniors also have the opportunity to begin meeting with the college counselor in the spring to get a jump-start on college preparation.

Throughout the school year, our students have access to college admission representatives who visit our campus in the fall and spring months, and students may take the opportunity to participate in college visits as well as other college preparatory and planning activities.

100% of Oakley School graduates who apply to four-year colleges and universities are accepted.
95% of Oakley School graduates enroll in four-year colleges or universities
3% of Oakley School graduates start at a community college
2% of Oakley School graduates defer enrollment for a year

Academic Advising

Upon enrollment, each student is assigned to an academic advisor. Each student’s academic advisor is their representative in weekly treatment team meetings, which assess where students are respective to their master treatment plan objectives.

Each week academic advisors meet with their advisees to discuss how their classes went. Advisors will often recommend various academic supports - such as extra help in a particular math class or individualized organization check lists - or pull back on extra help as needed.

Through regular phone calls and e-mails, the academic advisors deliver the main communication between parents/guardians and the academic program.

Special Needs

Every student at Oakley is unique, complex and capable. They are also in need of various services to support them as they navigate through the myriad challenges adolescence provides. By offering our students a multitude of services, all designed to help the individual improve, we can effect change in the classroom and the real world.

Using a system called SOAR, our students are taught how to be more efficient, effective, and present in the classroom and when studying on their own. We give the students the tools and knowledge to become creative thinkers and problem solvers who understand that intelligence, skills and fortitude can grow with practice.

Whether it is extra time on tests, an extra recovery meeting or a specific plan to help a child overcome anxiety regarding peer interactions, Oakley can individualize a student’s care and curriculum in a strategic and intentional manner.

In addition to some formal academic assistance programs, the teachers at the Oakley School have an “open door” policy. This allows the students to meet with teachers during study halls and before school in the morning. Additional tutoring can be privately arranged through the academic staff or approved outside sources.

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