Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is your program located?

    The Oakley School is located on Weber Canyon Road in Oakley, Utah, 45 minutes from Salt Lake City and just 15 minutes from the beautiful town of Park City.



  • What types of students is your program prepared to serve?

    We are designed to provide sophisticated clinical support and a rigorous education for underachieving or otherwise struggling high school students preparing for a four year college experience. We are looking for the applicant to show insight and understanding around their past patterns, and a willingness to make a change in their lives.

  • Do any disorders or issues disqualify a student from enrolling in your school?

    The following criteria will disqualify a student from enrolling in the Oakley School:

    ● Prior felony convictions

    ● Students who need to be escorted or are unwilling to enroll

    ● Thought disorders

    ● History of physical violence

    ● Anti-social traits

    ● Conduct disorder diagnosis

  • How much will tuition cost?

    Please call the admissions office at 855-842-5594 for information on tuition.

  • Will my child be working with qualified and licensed professionals?

    Absolutely! In addition to being supremely talented, dedicated and experienced, the members of our academic, clinical and administrative teams hold a range of credentials, licenses and certifications. For more specific information about the professionals who make The Oakley School such a powerful and effective program, visit our Staff page.

  • Is your program accredited?

    We are licensed as a Therapeutic School by the Utah Department of Human Services and accredited by AdvancEd.

  • How long will my child need to remain at The Oakley School?

    Average length of stay is between 8-12 months – though the ideal length of stay for your child will be determined based upon a comprehensive assessment of his/her needs, as well as an ongoing evaluation of his/her progress.

  • How will The Oakley School meet my child’s academic needs?

    We offer a challenging college preparatory curriculum that is provided in an innovative and engaging manner that emphasizes student success and the development of a lifelong love of learning. Students follow individualized academic plans and are supported by a range of academic assistance services.

    For a detailed look at how we help students succeed visit our Academics page.

  • What types of therapeutic/clinical support will my child receive?

    Highlights of our cohesive therapeutic services include the following:

    ● Strategic individualized counseling

    ● Group therapy (including school-wide, dorm-specific and gender-specific groups)

    ● Family therapy

    ● Recovery support services

    For more details visit Therapy and Recovery Services pages.

  • How much involvement will I have in my child’s experience at your school?

    We encourage healthy parent-child interactions and we are committed to providing a wide variety of programs and events designed to help your entire family create positive changes in the patterns and behaviors that may have previously proved to be problematic.

    We invite families to visit as much as possible, attend family workshops, fully participate in the family therapy required, and support students in taking meaningful, healthy risks. The Oakley staff is available to facilitate communication and to provide information as needed.

  • How do you prepare students (and families) for life after graduation?

    During the last three months of a student’s stay at the Oakley School, his or her family participates in a detailed transition planning process. Employment plans, living arrangements, educational plans, and home contracts will be developed. In addition, the family will begin developing resources and support systems in the home environment.

    We also provide comprehensive college counseling for all students. Read more regarding college counseling here (link).

  • How can I learn more about your school?

    Call 855-842-5594 or contact us via our Admissions page. We look forward to talking to you about the many benefits of the Oakley School!

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